In Museum Het Schip  you can visit from Sunday March 19th. the exhibition “Lucky 13”.  According to the architects of the 'Amsterdamse School' is the living happiness of the workers one of the main pilars of society.  They bellieve that an inspiring environment itself leads to better persons. At the present time is living happiness stell of great importance and therefore we prefer to present research results and pictures that have emerged from the project.

Museum Het Schip gathered luck moments of residents at number 13 in Amsterdam. Moments of happiness were collected over several months. The method is simple and elemental  'what makes you happy'? The result is a cross-section of the population of Amsterdam.

The  project combines the forces of educations, research and cultur. In Amsterdam the following organizations worked together: ROCTop Welzijn, HvA opleiding CMV, UvA Sociologie, FOAM, Amsterdamse School Museum Het Schip, Reinwardt Academie, TU Delft en de Bijzondere Collecties van de UvA.

'Lucky 13'contributes to a diverse and representative story of residents of Amsterdam about what makes them happy. A slice of the city!


Exhibition "Geluk op 13", Tuesday to Sunday, form 11:00 to 17:00 as from March 19th till April 16th 2017.

Amsterdamse School Museum Het Schip, in de lunchroom, Oostzaanstraat 45 Amsterdam