The exhibition by Hans van Koolwijk is part of a series of exhibitions in which Museum Het Schip invites various artists from Amsterdam West to exhibit at the museum.
Hans van Koolwijk: "My profession is sound art, I consider sound as matter. I work with sound just as sculptors work in stone or clay. As an artist I want to shape special sounds into an image; you need to actually see the sounds. As a sound artist I am also composer-performer. Through ongoing research into sounds physical principles, I have created a wide range from simple sound sculptures to very complex sound machines. I'm attracted to the skill in the Amsterdam School architecture; my own work is also artisanal." More information about the artist:  Website

Ton Heijdra: "Did you know that architect Wijdeveld, editor of the magazine Wendingen, was an advocate for integration of the arts? Are the notes of a piece of music not the same as the bricks of a building? A building like The Ship is surely a true symphony."

The exhibition will be on view from November 19, 2016 up until January 21, 2017 and can be listened to on the second floor of Museum Het Schip.